Feed Sandy The Squirrel For 1 Day

-Feed Sandy For 1 Day

Sandy was found on a sidewalk after a huge storm soaking wet and cold a nice lady named Stephanie found her, got her warm and reached out to find help everywhere she called said they would just euthanize her then she found us Sandy is in perfect health now and will be fed and made ready for release 


Feed Andrew The Albino Raccoon for 1 Day

-Feed Andrew For 1 Day

He eats formula now, then meat and chicken for $8 per day


Feed & Medicate Sticky The Squirrel for 1 Day

Sticky was rescued from a glue trap and requires long term care and meds 


Sponsor Frick & Frack for 1 Day

Meet Frick & Frack
Special Needs Babies
You can sponsor them for ONE day for $12

Two Neuro babies that are going to need lots of physical therapy and lots of doctors appointments.

They were in a wall for 3 days and the renters took it upon themselves to open the wall after the landlord said don't worry about them. They got them out of the wall late Sunday early Monday. They've been feeding them cows milk and said they've never been able to stand upright or walk. These babies are about 7 weeks old and should be moving along pretty good. They are eating like little piggies and chatter like normal.


Sponsor Pepe & LePew for 1 Day

These were found under a concrete slab by a construction worker. Safe and sound now in an incubator. Two little boys 🦨🦨 Pepe & LePew
You can sponsor/feed them for one day with a donation of $4
They will be with us for 12 weeks


Sponsor Fred & Barney for 1 Day

Please do not feed wild animals
There are two baby raccoons.
I took this picture so all can see what happens when you want to do it yourself with no knowledge and no help. Person had these babies 4 days. Feeding them full strength kitten milk. She called and brought them to me this morning. I’m trying, but not at all sure I can save them. Please don’t feed anything you Rescue. We love volunteers and are happy to work with you, but PLEASE do nothing other than keeping them warm, until you contact us. You can see the blood. That is from diarrhea. We are here to try and save all babies to release, but you must not try it on your own.
Hoping we can save them, but it will be a long road


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