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We are SO PROUD of this young man!
Blaise was planning his 6th birthday (a knights and dragons theme) and chose to have all of his guests bring items from our 'wish list' in lieu of birthday gifts. What a great mom he has to encourage giving back! These donations could not come at a better time, it's Squirrel Baby Season.

We've invited Blaise and his mom to attend our Squirrel Rehab Class as our guests so he can see first hand why saving wildlife is so important to our world.

We need more young men like this!

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Blaise & Nancy

Blaise attended our Squirrel Class at SPCA of Texas and received an award from our President Nancy Chinchilla


Susy Solis KRLD

Susy profiled Blaise on KRLD 2/21/2020 as a Difference Maker, click here to listen 


Squirrel Nesting Box

What is a Nesting Box and Why Do We Need Them?

Just like nests and dens built by the mothers in the wild, nesting boxes play a critical role in the wildlife rehabilitation life cycle process. There are nesting boxes for bats, birds, squirrels, and other species. Each animal species have different nesting box requirements. 

Plans via

If you are interested in building and donating these to our volunteers, we use these to release squirrels back into the wild. 

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Stuffed Animals

Do you have an over abundance of stuffed animals?

You (or your child/grandchild) can donate them to us!

Our little critters use them as cuddle buddies, nesting material and warmth

If you need to de-clutter we’d love to have them!

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